up for sale is a bryant ford 3.28 stroke crank. 302 mains with honda rod journals weighs 44 lbs. this crank cost 3000 new. internally balanced and ready to go.. sylva, FL 28779 (813) 361-7015
Body Type: Wagon, Engine: 3.5 Li, Transmission: Auto, Speed System: 6sp, Trim: Limited, Wheel Size: 18', Fuel: Gasoline, Drive System: AWD, Color: Maroon, Vehicle Story: THIS WAS A GREAT CAR WHEN PURCHASED IN 3/17 AT 149,000...MY FAMILY TOOK IT ON 2 ROAD TRIPS. THEN TOOK IT TO A MECHANIC TO GET THE WATER PUMP REPLACED AND HE DIDN'T LINE IT UP CORRECTLY WHICH BLEW THE ENGINE. ALL PARTS ARE GOOD ...
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